Exploring Top Avee Player APK Alternatives For Android & IOS

Hello gays, in this article we explore the best three visualiser makers or audio spectrum makers apps in your Android mobile. So in this article, we explore top Avee Player APK Alternatives, I’m not including Avee Player because it’s challenging to make a visualiser video. I’m going to explore the Three best apps that can visualise and equalize your audio on your mobile phone.

1: Visualization Video Maker 

Avee Player APK Alternatives For Android & IOS

Visualization Video Maker is a very simple app that you can easily make audio spectrum and visualization video in any shape that you want to make video. It’s a very good app that you can download from the Google Play Store or any other platform. This app can easily create an audio visualizer and spectrum and export the video from any quality you want.


  • Visualization of video
  • Composite audio
  • Images and caption tracks.
  • Mp3 output support 
  • Short steps to make a video
  • Use all features for free

2: Audio Vision Music Player 

Avee Player APK Alternatives For Android & IOS

AudioVision Music Player is a modern music visualizer, That can be used as a fully featured music player. They offer to organize your music by artist, album and playlist.


  • Organization of music by playlist, album and more
  • Create a high-quality customizable music spectrum with a user-definable background
  • Equalizing sound levels
  • Lightweight app
  • Lock screen controls
  • Modify playlists

3: Chksnd

Avee Player APK Alternatives For Android & IOS

In the world of music journalism, the number one app for visualization is CHKSND. This is the very best visualizer creator app on the Google Play Store. This is easy, you can add text and your image on the background. You can create a circular bar shape to visualize. 


  • Music Enhancing 
  • Video spectrum
  • Custom position change of circle spectrum
  • Image colours editing 
  • Export video in full HD


In conclusion, whether you prioritize simplicity, dual functionality, or advanced customization, these three apps offer diverse options for creating stunning audio visualizations on your Android mobile. Explore these apps, harness their features, and transform your audio experience into a visually engaging journey.

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